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If I didnt follow you on my old blog.
(Besides morgan)
And youre a real life friend,
It means I feel like we’re not friends anymore.
And youre a fucking cunt.
So. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
And maybe my phone wouldn’t let me. Whichever.

wastedpenguino asked:

T: Has anyone you knew ever died? If so, who? U: Do you ever want children? V: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? W: Do you do drugs? Drink? Smoke? X: Is there anything you wouldn't do for love? Z: Would you ever have sex for money?

T: Yes, my grandma and my baaaaby.

U: yes.


W: not anymorrrre.

X: maybe.

Z: yes. for a large sum… 

wastedpenguino asked:

N: Are you open minded, or do you judge people and things before you give them a chance? O: Politics, what are your thoughts on them? P: Do you prefer peace and quiet, or loud chaos? Q: Religion, what is yours? Do you believe in a god? R: What is your sexual preference (straight, gay, bi, pan, ace)? S: What is your favorite sexual position?

N: um, both.

O: stuuuuuuuupid. 

p:peace and quiet if im not in a mood, 

Q: i’m starting to move towards satanism

R: Bi

S: aw shit, picking is hard, all of them????????

wastedpenguino asked:

H: If you liked someone with a terminal illness, would you still date them knowing they might not live much longer? I: If you sold your soul, what would it be for? J: Would you ever kill someone? What would be a good reason? K: Have you ever told a big lie, one that you felt bad for? Did you ever come clean? L: Is there anything that you'd never do for any amount of money? M: Would you consider yourself vain or narcissistic?

H: Yes, to give them joy before death.

I: My boyfriends happiness/health if he was ill or sad like me.. 

J:yeah, i guess. if they were harming someone close to me (a child, husband, family, ect.) 

K: No, actually. i only ever tell white lies here and there.

L: prolly chill with some spiders. >.< 

M: Narcissistic

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